Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We're Alive!

Hi awesome bloggers, authors, and book-lovers! This is just a quick note saying that we're still alive, we have the list of winners, and we're going to announce them really soon! The only problem and the only think keeping me from announcing them is the fact that the winners are stored on my iPad which my brother won't let me use for like 5 seconds so I can email the list to myself.

Secondly, we're all at school. Nikki and I are being deluged (Ha! I learned about figurative meanings today in Honors English class) with homework since we were put into advanced placement classes. So we promise to update soon but right now, we need to take a little breather from blogging and work on school-related stuff, since I bet I know some of you know how that is :)

Anyways, random aside, thanks for bearing with us and you'll definitely hear from us soon!

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