Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bloggy Awards 2013

HELLO HELLO! It's time for the Bloggy Awards to start again! Eileen's away so I (Nikki @ Fiction Freak) am going to be your host for the majority of the tour! So if things suck more than last year, I am unbelievably sorry.

Make sure you follow @TheBloggyAwards for updates, winners, and more!

Also, like the new design? I do! (And no, I'm not biased because I made the banner...okay, maybe a little)

So last year some things happened that we didn't expect, so here's how it's going to go:


  • When talking about the Awards, please use the hastag #BloggyAwards13
  • No nominating for yourself, though feel free to go twitter rampaging!
    • We're going off the honor system here, so please don't lie! 
  • No giveaways please! We will be checking and any giveaways related to the Awards will result in immediate disqualification
  • IF YOU WON AN AWARD LAST YEAR, YOU CAN NOT BE IN THE VOTING FOR THE SAME CATEGORY. Any other category you didn't win in last year is fine! Next year, feel free to enter again! This is to give more people a better chance!
  • Only the top 5 nominated bloggers will make it into voting, though we will make exceptions for ties or extremely close wins
  • Each blogger may only be an official nominee for 3 categories. 
    • If you make it into the voting for 3+ categories, we will email/tweet you to see which categories you'd like to stay in. 
    • If you do not respond, we will be forced to choose the 3 categories that are up for voting the soonest.
  • EACH BLOGGER MUST REPLY TO THE OFFICIAL NOMINEE EMAIL AND TURN IN THE NEEDED MATERIALS (like last year, we will be asking for a "testimony"[1-3] from a fellow blogger or an author friend). Please turn these in a day before voting goes up. We'll tweet you to let you know!
  • Each blogger may only win one category. 
    • We will also be emailing/tweeting about this. If you don't respond, again, we'll choose the first category that ended.
The Categories
(In no particular order and with explanations)
Nicest Blogger: The nicest blogger you know?
Twitter Fiend: Biggest online presence!
Best Design: The prettiest design
Blogging Fairy: The one who knows everything about anything bloggy.
Best Breakout Blog: New blog (under six months) with the biggest reaction
Best Tour Group Blog: The nicest tour group blog that hosts the best tours!
Most Influential: The blogger who's word is (almost) law
Best Group Blog: Your favorite 2+ people blog?
Most Creative Blog: Which blog has the most creative events/design
Trending Blog: What blog do you think is making it's name known?
Best Reviews: Who's reviews do you always read and use/consider?
Well-Known Blog: The biggest blog? 
Blogs, and Books, and Media, oh my: The author who blogs the most and has a big online presence! 

Most Social Author: What author do you think interacts with her fans the most?
Best Meme: The Meme you love the most?
Most Hilarious Review: Which review made you LOL?

Nicest Negative Review: The review that wasn't quite positive, but still managed to be nice about it?
Publishing Fun: Which Publisher hosted an event or website you like the most? (LEAVE NOMINATIONS FOR THIS IN THE COMMENTS) EX: Tea Time, Signings, Pulse It, Pitch Dark, Breathless Reads, Fierce Reads, etc.

The Schedule
Here's the schedule for voting. VOTING WILL LAST UNTIL FRIDAY. 
July 14/15-Announce the nominees 

July 21-Best Breakout Blog and Trending Blog
July 22-Best Group Blog and Best Tour Blog
July 23-Best Design and Most Creative
July 24-Nicest Blogger and Well Known Blog
July 25-Twitter Fiend and Best Meme
July 26-Most Influential and Best Reviews
July 27-Blogging Fairy and Favorite Publisher
July 28-Most Hilarious Review and Nicest Negative Review
July 29-Most Social Author and Blogs, Books, and Media oh my
Aug 5-Winners



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  2. I'm nominating Epic Reads for Tea Time for Publishing Fun! (This is where we're supposed to nominated our choices for that category, right? I didn't read the instructions wrong?)

  3. I'd like to nominate Epic Reads with their Tea Time for Publishing Fun if I could! It's so much fun and they're such great people! :)

  4. I came in second twice last year to the same blog who hosted giveaways *sigh* I'm happy that it's all fair this year! haha

    Epic Reads nomination for Tea Time (:

  5. Absolutely want to nominate Epic Reads -> Tea Time for Publishing Fun. I've only watched 2 Tea Time's live, but I've learned about so many new books that I might not have picked up otherwise, and even one two awesome books, from watching. They're just awesome.

  6. Oh really,that,s great 2 know,good luck and stay blessed. K.D.R.

  7. Can I nominate both Tea Time and Random Buzzers?

  8. There are so many great blogs out there; thanks for taking the time to show them some love!

  9. I hope my peeps are nominating me! Don't the results come out today?

  10. I wandered over from menopausal mama's place, too. Nice to meetcha. Count me in as your most recent supporter. If it makes you feel any bigger, I'm not very good with alcohol, either. I already think everything's funny, but add alcohol, and I'm outta be in charge of. Awards