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Welcome to the voting round for Trending Blog! Voting will last a week, from July 25, 12:00 AM EST, until August 1st, 11:59 PM EST. Please only vote once, and scroll up for the next category, Best Breakout Blog!

Queen of Contemporary

My name is Lucy and I am the blogger behind Queen of Contemporary. I'm so honoured to have been nominated for the 'trending blog' award because I never dreamt in a million years that people would vote my blog forward. Blogging was something that I started so I could share my views with other people, and I've loved every moment of it so far. I'd like to thank the people who nominated me (you're all so awesome!) and all the people who have tweeted me, emailed me, spoken to me in some form. You're all amazing and it wouldn't be the same without you!

I've been blogging since April 2012 but seriously since August 2012. My blog has only recently become as it is, since January, I would say. I have a combined following (GFC, Bloglovin, etc.) of 405 people, which I am very proud of. I get between 8-15 comments on every post, but this can vary depending on the type of post it is. I run a feature called Embracing My Inner Geek that has been hugely successful so far and they're such fun posts to write and share with others. I've had a lot of interest from other bloggers too and am thinking of turning it into a bigger meme in the future.

I recently held a Twitter chat where we trended in the UK and had around forty people- authors, bloggers and writers. I was so proud!
Queen of Contemporary is a blog I LOVE. Not least because of the wonderful blogger behind it (go Lucy!), but also because of how much I anticipate each post – and I don't think I'm alone with that one! With Lucy posting vlogs on her blog and writing these AMAZING reviews too, it's great to see that recently her comments and followers have really upped. Queen of Contemporary may not be the biggest blog out there, but it's definitely getting there. It's so lovely to see one of my best blogging buddies really grow as a blogger and to see her blog become extremely, extremely popular. :)

To see the number of comments Lucy gets on each of her posts is fabulous, but knowing that Queen of Contemporary can only get better is even more exciting. You want a trending blog? This one is certainly the one to pick. I really don't know what else to say! Hop over to her blog right now, look at her comments and followers, hop over to her Twitter and look at how well she fits into the book blogosphere... and I guess that's all that's needed to show you how much her blog is trending at the moment, that's all the proof you need! :D
—Ruby at Feed Me Books Now!!
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Nose Graze - Book reviews & blog tips
Nose Graze

On Nose Graze, my posts consist mostly of book reviews, discussion posts, and Bitchin' Book Blog posts. I started the Bitchin' Book Blog feature as a way to share my WordPress knowledge with the blogosphere! I work as a web designer/developer so I know a lot about coding and WordPress, but I know coding is overwhelming to a lot of people so I really wanted to get some tips and tricks out there! Although a lot of blogs have "blogging tips", there aren't a ton that focus on the technical side of blogging (like coding!). I encourage people to submit their questions about blogging/coding/WordPress, and then I try to answer as many as I can in blog posts.

  • Unique Pageviews per Month: 23k
  • Followers: 1035 through RSS/e-mail/bloglovin, 1949 on twitter, 575 on facebook
  • I've been blogging for 15 months
I’m not sure that there are many bloggers that haven’t heard of Ashley (Nose Graze)! She used to be known as Book Nook, but since her blog’s change to Nose Graze, I think she has become even trendier – because it’s such a different and unique name in the blogging community! But blog name aside – Ashley’s blog is super helpful when it comes to discussion topics and helpful posts. I’m still not new to the blogging world, but I still read any of Ashley’s discussion posts when they come up, because she always has something interesting and significant to say. I believe the same goes for many bloggers in the book blogging world. And not only are her discussion posts useful, but her reviews are thorough and helpful to her blog readers. Many blog readers (including me!) happily comment on her posts, because Ashley adds beautifully to the book blogging world. I can’t think of a blog whose name is becoming more and more popular!
-- Alyssa Susanna @ The Eater of Books
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Jenna Does BooksJenna Does Books
  • Over 214k+ page views in a year and a half of blogging
  • Over 750 email subscribers
  • 4.2k Twitter followers
  • 1.8k Facebook followers
  • A whole lot of friendships forged!

Twice now I have held Twitter parties that literally "trended" world-wide with the hashtags used when I reached both 2k follower and 4K follower milestones. An example of one of my greatest "trending" accomplishments: Every January, my blogging anniversary celebration, Bookapalooza! (, will be held in order to gather together both bloggers and authors in a month-long "love fest" for reading. During it's first year, over 20 authors and bloggers joined in to celebrate the event.
I first encountered Jenna on Twitter when she offered an amazing giveaway. Since then, I have followed her blog with rapt attention. She writes thoughtful, informative reviews of the books she reads and frequently hosts exciting giveaways. If she recommends a book, you can bet that one will find its way on my “to read” list. She also recognizes the importance of getting the word out, about her blog and about the books she reviews. Given that, Jenna maintains a beautiful, easy to navigate site that’s easy to follow as well as a strong Twitter presence. She knows what her readers want and how to provide it! Vote for Jenna Does Books!
—Erin Albert
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Mile Long Bookshelf

Hi, my name is Amber, I am 14 years old and I’m the blogger behind YA book blog The Mile Long Bookshelf! I just wanted to write a quick sentence to thank whoever nominated me for this category, it means a lot! :)

I have built good relationships with authors and publishers alike and have been featured in several pages of Luisa Plaja’s book ‘The Quick Expert’s Guide to Writing A Blog’. I have also had my quotes featured on the covers of various books including ‘Chocolate S.O.S.’ by Sue Limb.

Recently I did a blog post series called Blog 101, where I helped other book bloggers into the ‘blogoverse’, showed the space that I write my blog in, and highlighted other blogger’s top tips for book blogging. I had such a positive response to those posts so I may do more in the future! A trending blog is one that is on the rise in popularity and I think that describes my blog perfectly.

I have been blogging for half of my life, since 2007! However, I have only been book blogging since late 2009. In that time, I have gradually gained over 1000 lovely followers through Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin’, email subscription and the GFC follower widget on my blog, which is a number I’m really proud of! On average, I get about 10-15 comments on each blog post, and that number seems to be rising every couple of weeks. My blog gets a generous amount of views and inbound links and these are steadily increasing all the time.

Amber of The Mile Long Bookshelf has been nominated for Trending Blog. One might ask, what aspects of her site make it a “trending blog?” For starters, she fosters both a regional and international interest, so her fans span the globe. One must make a statement on the whole world in order to trend. Second, Amber maintains a frequent, friendly presence on Twitter. As of December 2012, Twitter had an estimated 200 million members, so a trendy blogger is wise to seek followers there. But those two things alone don’t make a blog trend. Amber creates a buzz on her well designed site with interesting reviews and fun giveaways that keep readers coming back for more. She also includes easy access and instructions to follow her blog so people can keep abreast of the latest information. Finally, in order to be a trending blog, one must be aware and follow the latest trends while still finding the more obscure novels to bring to light. Amber does both, accepting and reviewing books with her readers in mind. Vote for Amber at The Mile Long Bookshelf for the Trending Blog Award!
—Erin Albert
I've loved Amber's book blog, The Mile Long Bookshelf, for ages... she has a knack of finding the coolest books to review! If Amber likes it, I know I'm almost certain to like it too. Definitely a trending blog!”
—Cathy Cassidy
Amber... where do I start? I've visited The Mile Long Bookshelf for years and I still find more and more things to love. It's creative, original and I'm sure I speak for many when I say that it's one of my favourite blogs. She inspired me to create my own book blog and for that reason I am INSANELY grateful! Without blogging, I don't know who I would be so I can't thank Amber enough *bows* The Mile Long Bookshelf's header is beautiful which reflects the quality of her posts, and her reviews are the freakin' best. She is on fire with 287 followers and I am certain that she will have thousands in no time at all. There's something on her blog for everyone, and it's welcoming and Amber is so friendly. I wasn't surprised at all when Amber was nominated for this award! And I don't think you are either. I talk to her on Twitter and Facebook all the time - I don't know what I'd do without Amber and my blog in my life :)
—Zoe from Bookhi
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  • 1,326 email subscribers
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  • Amount of time we've been blogging: Since February 2012 (1 1/2 years)
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Remember, voting lasts a week until August 1, 11:59 PM EST. Please only vote once, and don't cheat! Good luck :)


  1. The Mile Long Bookshelf is a brilliant blog. Being a (proud) bookworm myself, Amber has reviewed loads of great books that people WILL want to read.