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Twitter Fiend Voting

VOTING ENDED. Twitter Fiend Goes To

Welcome to the voting round for Twitter Fiend! Voting will last one week, from July 29, 12:00 AM EST, to August 5, 11:59 PM EST. Please only vote once, do not cheat, and scroll down for the next category, Best Meme! All of the Twitter profile pictures will lead to their Twitter accounts.

Fiction Freak


  • 1170 Twitter followers
  • 30K Tweets
  • I HAVE BEEN BLOGGING FOR ONE YEAR ABOUT...stuff. Mainly bookish stuff, also ponderings, and awkward patootie things.

Amy Bookworm

I'm @Amy_Bookworm- UKYA cheerleader and teen reviewer. My profile pic is currently a book cover, because I have a thing for that! I adore books and have been glad to find so many others that do too! I don't know why I love tweeting so much but I do know I've met so many great people on Twitter & have really connected over Twitter. I didn't get Twitter straight away (after making my blog) but I wish I had, this means I haven't yet been tweeting a year but its been quite a few lovely months! I'm really grateful that I've been voted for 'Twitter Fiend', thanks everyone (:

I have approx (hope I do have soon :L) 600 followers, just over 6000 tweets & am basically following 800 people.

Singing and Reading in the Rain

Before I say anything, I must address one thing first: HOW DID I GET NOMINATED FOR THIS? Thank you, everyone who did, I love you with all of my heart, even though I already do love you all with or without the nomination! Honestly, I'm really surprised because my tweets are so NOT entertaining at all. In fact, I'm really weird on Twitter and tons of people unfollow me daily because they FINALLY realize how horribly obsessive/weird/cray-cray/just plain MESSED UP I am.

  • 1,506 Twitter Followers
  • 60,503 tweets (Obviously I have such a productive life)
  • I've been obsessively actively tweeting for about a year and a half, since January or February
  • My Twitter isn't really for my book blog, but I do have Triberr tweets. They're mostly about my life and things that happen to me that nobody probably wants to know about.

My tweets could be categorized into basically three categories: me complaining about my life, me thinking I know all the answers to life, and me being weird/obsessive. Some examples that support the above categories:

And then here are some tweets from other people supporting my overall weirdness on Twitter:

And then one time on Nikki's birthday, I trended #HappyBirthdayNikki on the United States trends. But that was thanks to the awesome bloggers and authors who loved Nikki why am I best friends with such a popular person?
But thank you all for nominating me, no matter how much I don't think I deserve it <33 Good luck to all of these fabulous people!

Cabin Goddess

I joined twitter in November of 2008 when I got my first iPhone. I had no internet at home and although I started blogging in the late 90’s my new blog, which morphed into Cabin Goddess, (which @akmamma is attached to) started off being blogged from my phone since we had no internet from the house until 2011. September of 2011 I was so excited when I hit 1000 tweets and had 200 follower, three years after signing up. This month I rounded over 85K (85,253 this morning) tweets and 4, 478 followers and am still blown away when I look at those numbers. The majority of my followers are organic. I have participated in a couple of giveaways with follow enteries and a few groups follow me but no more than 10% of my numbers are not straight organics. I still have some of the same followers I had back from 2008 (locals) and we still laugh how I have become this insane publicists, bacon, zombie book tweeting fiend (haha).

Now instead of just local people I a talking to people around the world. Authors, publishers, film producers, zombie lovers, poets, foodies! It has been EPIC! In the beginning it started off with twitter chats, we even did a TwitTrax where we did our own version of Rifftrax via watching horrible movies and riffing them on the twitter stream. We had running stories going that one person starts and by the end of two weeks we had a whole zombie apocalypse survival party we had picked up around the world! Twitter opened up a whole new world to this cabin dwelling social butterfly who wanted to be part of the world was looking ahead at the next step while living in the middle of nowhere Alaska. (Hence Cabin Goddess)

Now I am a Triberr girl, I have my Facebook account attached so I do statuses and focus on both my twitter followers and my facebook followers. I have a pro Hootesuite account I use for my clients and my own personal use, Tweetadder, Buffer the works. I tweet book responses and thoughts as I read, I Instagram, pinterest, Tumblr, other peoples reviews and book giveaways! Cover reveals, blog tours. Free books! I share events, and all sorts of amazing things!

I tweet with Triberr, Tweetadder (using marketing tweets:
This is one that I retweeted to show but I tweet it about three times a week. I get quotes that I find online and turn tweetadder on five times a week and also pull RSS feeds from friends and bloggers who are not on Triberr.

I work with a small group of authors and bloggers who blog with a hashtag in a group – We make our tweets share everywhere. I call it my ASMSG hour here is this weeks #WeeklyShorts review (my short story feature) for this week
Here is an example of my food teases for my recipes posts where I share my recipes from my upcoming cookbook --
and using buffer to tweet images -
This is for a vote that was going on for an indie vs trade published book character contest that I ended up posting. My retweet (not this particular one) was retweet ended up getting the post on my blog shared 122 times. I had over 35K unique visitors that day and it was not a planned post. What was great was other indie authors jumping on board and sharing even though they didn’t know the pair!--
Since I have a very tight group of people in Alaska we pay attention to twitter and this is an example of how we were sharing the road closure info for folks trying to find out if they could get in during a forest fire a few weeks ago --

The Book Stop

When I first joined Twitter I never thought I'd get so addicted to it! I was a sceptic at first, but then I realised what a great thing Twitter was! It connects so many readers, bloggers, and just people in general. When I think about it now, I guess I am sort of a Twitter fiend. I've inky been using it for two months, and I can't believe the amount of tweets I've tweeted. A huge thank you who everyone who nominated me!

  • 460 Twitter Followers
  • 5,700 Tweets
  • Been tweeting actively for 2 months.
  • My twitter account is for my book blog, The Book Stop, so I do tweet a lot of bookish stuff, but my tweeting is pretty open. I tweet about everything!

I have many great Twitter friends, but the greatest of all is probably the guy who forced me to get Twitter in the first place (cheers for that)! What else can I say about Jack and his tweeting other than the fact he's obsessed... 5.5k tweets in two months??? If that's not a sign of how dedicated Jack is to his followers, bloggy friends and the blogging community then, well, I have absolutely no clue what is! I'm DM'd a lot by Jack, as I think many of us are... I mean, not only is he the best person for huge tweety conversations that include everyone, but he's SO friendly to each of his individual followers/friends. :D

I think the fact he already has around 450 followers is just a sign of how warm and friendly his tweet-life is; he's the guy on Twitter who everybody wants to follow haha! He's the person I tweet the most (DEFINITELY) and he always replies, as he does with all his other followers too. In terms of Twitter, I really don't think you could find a friendlier tweeter... You're looking for a Twitter fiend? Really, you need not look far... Jack's your man! :D

- Ruby (Feed Me Books Now)

Remember, voting will last one week until August 5, 11:59 PM EST. Please only vote once, do not cheat, and good luck! :)

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