Thursday, August 1, 2013

Books, Blogs, and Media, Oh My! Voting


Welcome to the Voting Round for Books, Blogs, and Media, Oh My! Voting will last a week from August 1, 12:00 AM EST, to August 8, 11:59 PM EST. Please only vote once, do not cheat, and scroll up for the Most Social Author category!

Fiona Paul
Hi peeps. I'm Fiona Paul, AKA Paula Stokes. Let's see, between my dual writerly selves I have about 2500 twitter followers, 650 FB likes (though the Penguin-run /venombooks page has like 8500 likes--how did they manage that??), and a laughably low number of blog followers. I also Pinterest as Paula and I think Inky and like 5 other people follow me there :)

Anyway, I don't pin, post, or blog enough to actually win this award, but I just wanted to say thanks for nominating me. I honestly *gasp* don't like social media very much except for twitter which I love because it's a great way to talk to readers. I LOVE talking to readers. Blogging? FB status updates? That stuff feels like work. Talking to you guys is like fun and friendship and free research all rolled into one and tied up with rainbow colored kittens. I also like twitter parties and blog tours and just finished up three blog tours for Belladonna. If you read Belladonna and cross-post your reviews over at Goodreads and those other bookish places, then Falco or Luca will visit you in your dreams--maybe Falco and Luca if you're extra lucky ;-)

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A.G. Howard

Remember, voting will last one week until August 8, 11:59 PM EST. Please only vote once, do not cheat, and good luck! :)

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