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Best Group Blog Nominees!


Here's how it's going to run down: there will be a poll at the bottom of this post and you simply just vote for your favorite blog out of all of these arguments! :) Each day, there will be THREE voting rounds posted, so you'll have to scroll down and see all the posts for yourself. Each voting round lasts for exactly a week and once every voting round it done, winners will be announced, and prizes (if you would like to donate contact us. Please remember that if we don't get enough prizes we won't be giving ANY out at all) shipped out—that is, if the winner wants a prize.

For the Best Group Blog nominees, we asked for: unique pageviews per month, followers, average comment, a little about their blog, and the type of content you post.

Cuddlebuggery Book Blog
  • Unique page views per month: Within the last three months we have had a steady average of around 30,000 unique visitors a month.
    Average amount of comments per book review/post: This one is hard. Depends on the post and day, but I want to say an average of at least 10-20 comments on reviews and 30 or more on discussion posts. Of course there are always those posts you work incredibly hard on only to get 1 comment! >.<
  • Followers: Twitter: 1,295
    • Email Subscribers: 356
    • Networked blogs: 129
    • RSS: around 500
  • What type of content you post usually: We post reviews, giveaways, our discussion posts (Musing Musers) and our signature story interviews, where we get attacked by murderous ghosts, fight ninjas, travel to the Underworld, crash land space ships, fight dragons and generally see awesome authors in their truest form: Badass. On Monday's we cover book world news with our Buzz Worth News feature.
  • Blog start date: Our blog officially opened on Feb. 13th. So we *just* celebrated our 6 months mark this month. Whoo-hoo!
  • A little about your blog: A question we get asked the most is what Cuddlebuggery means and why we chose to use that name. It's a funny story because when Kat and I were thinking of a name, I suggested we just keep her old blog name, Cuddlebuggery. I had no idea what it meant at the time, but just thought it sounded fun and was different. Well, *now* I know what it means and I think it's perfect. It means delicious, flirty, sexy times without actually removing clothes or having sex. Which is pretty much a Young Adult novel if you think about it. Heh. We actually have a short story on how we came to be.
    • Informal, yet slightly fabricated, response: We are just a few reviewers originating from GoodReads, where in one drunken shenanigan-filled night had the brilliant idea to start a YA book blog. Our only goal? To rock your face off.
    • Formal response: Kat and I started Cuddlebuggery when we both realized how incredibly hard it is to blog alone. Along the way our co-blogger, Archer, joined our ranks. The goal was to start a blog that was completely different, doing things you don't typically see on review blogs. But along with promoting great reads, we wanted to entertain people too. We strive to create unique, humorous and high quality posts each and every time. Also, we like gifs. ;D
Mundie Moms

  • Unique page views per month: I average between 40-50k a month
  • Average amount of comments per book review/post: it varies
  • Followers: 4,247
  • What type of content you post usually: All things TMI/ID/Cassandra Clare related, as well as YA related (reviews, author interviews, live author chats, giveaways etc).
  • A little about your blog: I started Mundie Moms back in February of 2009 as a Cassandra Clare fansite, and while I'm still a large Cassie fansite, I'm also a huge supporter of YA books, and wanted to shift my blog's focus more towards book related things and Cassie's latest news. Aside from posting all things TMI/ID/Cassie Clare related, I also post book reviews, host live author chats, giveaways, author interviews and more. I feel like it's been a huge blessing to be able to do something I love and talk about it with people from all over the world. I've been able meet so many amazing friends, have been able to take part in some really need events, and help promote a lot of really amazing books. It's been an amazing 3.5 yrs. I'm totally honored to be among this group of amazing bloggers. THANK YOU!
GraveTells: Paranormal Romance News & Reviews
We have a diverse team of reviewers who specialize in everything from Young Adult to down- and-dirty-Erotic. Many of these ladies are successful authors and bloggers in their own right. We have a reader base of more than 2,000 total followers and receive over 11,000 pageviews every month

We review 15-20 books every month and have a dedicated review team who not only write fab reviews but also indulge in a little creative indulgence with fun special event editorials. For example

Our Signature Interviews are highly coveted spots for authors. You can’t get one by asking – we have to love your characters and story enough to offer it to you. And what fun interviews these are! See a few here.

We have worked with over 70 authors to bring you the most entertaining, creative guest posts and giveaways. See some of em here. We review and host authors of ALL publishing types and we’re on several auto-approval lists with the big publishing houses so we can bring you more advanced reviews We give over control to the readers for three days at the end of each month, to let YOU decide who your Favorite Authors and Stories are, then we award nifty Readers Choice badges to the winners. We review and host guest spots of ALL heat levels, from chaste YA to curl-your-toes-and-wash-your-mouth-out erotic

We infuse humor and creativity into our reviews and special event posts and never settle for boring or monotonous or “just because that’s how everyone else does it” GraveTells stands out as a group blog because we staff the best reviewers and we choose the most promising books and authors… and we never ever /tell lies. You can trust that we’ll be professional, friendly, and entertaining, but we’ll always say exactly what we mean. Book reviews are our passion–let us take you to new places!

I want to send a quick shout-out and a HUGE THANK YOU to our current active review team and our on-break-while-we-make-our-names-as-fab-and-awesomely-famous-authors reviewers: Rachel Elizabeth, Molly F., Buffy Kennedy, Kari Pinasco, Chanel Chancey, Jennifer James, & Kenra Daniels.

About the Blog:
Vampires and werewolves and fairies, oh my!

Erotic or chaste, gritty or sparkling, novella or epic, GraveTells has been hooking up fans of paranormal romance and urban fantasy with their book boyfriends since 2011.

Come check out our “/tells of grave tales” and meet your next crush @ http://gravetells.com
  • Total follower reach: 2000+
  • Monthly Unique visitors: 4,000+
  • Monthly Pageviews: 11,000+
  • Total comments left on GraveTells to-date: 4200+
All Things Urban Fantasy
Launched in 2009, All Things Urban Fantasy is the place where Para is Normal. Our goal is to keep readers up to date on the latest books and news in Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal YA, and some speculative fiction including Dystopian and Steampunk.

All Things Urban Fantasy is the product of a trio of diehard book lovers whose genre drug of choice happens to be paranormal. In addition to daily book reviews, author posts, interviews, Top 10 Lists, and giveaways, some of our most popular features include Cover Art Coverage posts where we reveal and rate the best & worst covers of the week. Our monthly Hot Off the Press post rounds up all the new releases for the coming month including covers, descriptions, and buy links. We also host a number of themed events throughout the year including the Paranormal Cover Art Awards in December.

Under the Covers
YA Sisterhood

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