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Best Review for a Paranormal Book Nominees!

Here's how it's going to run down: there will be a poll at the bottom of this post and you simply just vote for your favorite blog out of all of these arguments! :) Each day, there will be THREE voting rounds posted, so you'll have to scroll down and see all the posts for yourself. Each voting round lasts for exactly a week and once every voting round it done, winners will be announced, and prizes (if you would like to donate contact us. Please remember that if we don't get enough prizes we won't be giving ANY out at all) shipped out—that is, if the winner wants a prize.

For the Best Review for a Paranormal Book category, we asked for each reviewer's favorite portion of their review. If they didn't submit anything, we just have their link listed.

Shiny Book Review: Bleeding Hearts

Melinda’s Bibliophile Blog: Bleeding Hearts

GraveTells: Bleeding Hearts
“Bleeding Hearts was a surprisingly great read and is an awesome different take on vampires that’s
refreshing. Krafton tells an emotionally gripping story that at times deceivingly reads like a light, airy
beach read one second, only to surprise you with its depth the next. “Couldn’t put it down,” is not even close to the thrall Krafton’s story cast over me; more like forcing myself to go to bed at 5 am because I had to sleep or reading on the way to the mailbox because I couldn’t part with the pages for those few moments. If you don’t pick up this book, you’ll be sorely missing out!”

GraveTells: West of Want
“Laura Kaye writes extremely strong character relationships, makes you really feel their passion and experience their energy, and the first time Ella and Zeph get together? Gold. Pure hot, steamy, sweaty gold!

Laura Kaye either has a giant stash of super secret sauce or is simply a master at her craft, because just about every book I’ve read from her to-date has been a homerun, the Hearts of the Anemoi stories especially so. The characters have depth, the plots are compelling, and the sexual tension is nearly unmatched. Not many authors can take a couple who has never met before and have them itching to jump each others bones within a few days so effectively that you feel more eager than they do.”

GraveTells: Alaskan Fire
“Imaginative, snarky, action-packed, visceral… in a word, Alaskan Fire is entertaining, and more than worth your while to read. This book is so unconventionally compelling you won’t be able to keep your eyes off it. Ms. King delivers just about everything you could want out of a good book, with nearly nothing you don’t. The writing is sophisticated, the characters are wonderfully complex, and the world takes on a life of its own. I have read books published by the big name houses that have less polish and sophistication than this self-pub. Ms. King takes us on an adventure of hope, dreams, life, love, and the struggle that comes with fighting for what you believe in, and I cannot wait to start the next book in the series!”

I Smell Sheep: Waterborne

If you like undersea adventures and dreamed/thought you were Ariel growing up (ok I totally did) then you'll enjoy this tale. It's chock full of an imaginative underwater world that's both vivid and breathtaking. Sometimes it's better down where it's wetter. Zing!"

These two barely know each other and all of a sudden they are jumping in-between the kelp sheets. Wow dude, buy me a crab dinner first at the very least, mmkay?"

The Midnight Garden: Monstrous Beauty

The Book Slayer: Sweet Evil

Buffy’s Ramblings: Darkness Dawns
This novel is utterly compelling and truly unique! There are laugh out loud funny moments, heart-pounding action sequences, and steamy, but sweetly sensual sex. You can’t help but fall for every single character, each having that special something that draws you in. Overall, the book is well written and well-paced, grabbing the reader’s interest right from the very first page and never letting go. I literally can’t find anything in it to complain about.

GraveTells: Once Burned

“Once Burned was thoroughly engrossing and had me fanning myself more than once. Frost’s continued ability to make me forget my surroundings and transport me onto her pages is uncanny. Her multi-dimensional characters, especially the portrayal of Vlad Tepes, were gripping to the end and left me wanting more. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoy her writing and she has a lifelong fan.”

Brooke Reports Blog: Sweet Evil

Cover Analysis: A City of Broken Glass

Fangs, Wands, and Fairy Dust: North of Need

"Laura writes sex so well you may feel you just had it after reading several passages in NORTH OF NEED. The sex in the book isn't crude, it is caring. Being good in bed is absolutely necessary to be a romance hero. This is a modern fairy tale for adults about a woman who gets what, or who, she needs but, of course in the way of fairy tales, doesn't recognize it until it is nearly too late.

Owen and Megan are developed; maybe cast a bit to type. Megan is grief and guilty feelings. Until she finds Owen we don't know much else about her. Owen is everything you would want a snow god to be; he is the fun you had as a child making snow angels, the fun you forget once you've grown up. But he is very much a man, a very sexy man, whose heart will literally melt for you.

Laura also doesn't get caught up in the physics of godhood. It's another realm and beyond our concept of corporeality and incorporeality.

Laura's books are always well-edited, use grammar and punctuation properly and she employs an economy of words. It's not that she isn't descriptive--she is just not overly descriptive..."

Brooke Reports: Anna Dressed in Blood

Eleusinian Mysteries: Losing Lila

Paper Planes: The Gathering Dark

Catching Books: Dreamless

The Teen Book Guru: Grave Mercy
"Okay lets start by focusing in on the main reason I picked up this book and enjoyed it so much. Assasins. But not just any old assassins; nun assassins. If those two words put together aren't enough to make you run to the closest bookstore and pick up this 600-page historical thriller, I don't know what will convince you."

"Ismae is sent to track Duval and make sure his intentions are in the right place. Guided by Death's own hand, and skills she never even knew she possessed, Ismae thinks she has nothing to worry about. But not once did her mind cross over the possibility of falling in love..."

"I was continually amazed by Ismae's strength and growth throughout the novel. Not once did she allow herself to wallow in self-pity because of her hard up-bringing, and she never cowered in the face of fear."

Comment Love:
"NUN ASSASSINS RIYA!!!!! Love it. Even after all the reviews I've read for this one I still had no idea she was Death's daughter. Brilliant! I really need to read this one, I don't know why I haven't picked it up already. I'm challenged, clearly. Love the sound of the romance and the fact that they're both hesitant at first, so much better than insta-love! AWESOME REVIEW MY FRIEND!"
-Jenny @ Supernatural Snark

"Wonderful review Riya!!!!!!!!! Love the way you ended with 5 million muffins!!!!!! I really loved this book too, from the courageous Ismae, to the slow-blumming romance, to the fantastic plot, this book has it all!!!!!!!!"
-Rachel @ Unforgettable Books

Voting is CLOSED! The WINNER IS GraveTells: West of Want


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