Thursday, August 23, 2012

How It'll Go Down

Hello fellow book lovers!

We have officially decided that the final voting will start midnight EST on Sunday, August 26th. Before we officially start, I wanted to write a post and explain how this will work. (Imagine me in a lab coat sitting on a stool)

How the voting posts will go up:
So, every day there will be three new posts, each a different category. Because of this, we ask that you remember to check all of the posts for that day. Voting will then be open for a week afterwards.

For example, on Sunday, the Best Group Blog, Most Creative Blogger, and Well-Known Blogger categories might go up, and then voting will last for one week until the 11:59 PM the next Saturday. And then on Monday, three more categories will go up and voting will last until 11:59 PM the next Sunday. And it will continue like that until all the categories have been posted. (Note: those three categories may or may not go live that day. It all depends on which categories have been submitted all the information needed)

Then, when all the votes have been tallied, we will announce the winners and then prizes (but only if we get enough to give to every person who wins) will be distributed. However, every winner will get a small button that says they were the winner of the category they one.

How people will vote:
Instead of emails, since I was pretty much bombarded with emails last time and never want to go there again, I have found this site and all you have to do is vote in the poll. The poll is featured below, and we ask that you help us test out this poll so when voting does start we don't run into unwanted errors and glitches.

Edit: the poll was removed since it seemed to be working fine. Thanks so much for all your cooperation!

If somebody didn't submit an entry:
I have a feeling we might be getting this a lot. So, to answer your question:

If that blog did NOT submit information to us all we have listed is their blog button/link. It was their choice to get their information in if they wanted to, and if they didn't want to submit anything, they don't have to.

Also, some blogs do not have blog buttons. So instead of providing them a blog button, we linked the title of their blog to their blog. So some blog titles will be blue (the color of all our links) instead of the normal black.

If you want to donate a prize:
As you can tell above, we don't have many prizes yet to donate to everybody. However, we'd be glad for anybody to donate books, gift cards, whatever. Just email us or tweet us! Hopefully we get enough prizes for everybody to properly get something.

What if you're late but still want to submit your information:
That is totally fine! We understand life can get in the way, so as long as your category has not gone live yet, you still have the opportunity to submit something. Just explain to us that you're late and then provide us with the right information we asked you, and we'll add your information to the list.

Any more questions?
We know we can't answer all your questions so you can email us or tweet us, and then we will add your question to this page in case anybody else may come across the same problem/question.

Thanks again! See you Sunday!

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