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Blogging Fairy Voting


Welcome to the voting round for Blogging Fairy! Voting will last one week from July 31, 12:00 AM EST, to August 7, 11:59 PM EST. Please only vote once, do not cheat, and scroll up for the Most Hilarious Review category!

Feed Me Books NowFeed Me Books Now

Hi I'm Ruby I'm the blogger behind Feed Me Books Now! I'm extremely excited to be nominated for this award in particular, as I'm always trying to help other bloggers. I always get emails from teen bloggers who have just started up and I try my best to send back long, informative responses. I know I'm definitely not the best known blogger nominated for this this category, but I think I am a source of help for teen bloggers in particular. :)

Here's Jack to tell you why I'm a Blogging Fairy:
I am a member of the Teen Bloggers group on Goodreads, and in that group there is a whole thread dedicated to asking Ruby any questions about blogging. If I ever have a question, she's always the first person I go to for help. For a 14 year old, she really has an amazing amount of information on blogging, design, and books. She hasn't even been blogging for a year yet! There hasn't been a time where she wasn't able to solve a problem or point us in the right direction. She definitely is Blogging Fairy in my eyes.
- Jack, The Book Stop
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Nose Graze - Book reviews & blog tips
Nose Graze

On Nose Graze, my posts consist mostly of book reviews, discussion posts, and Bitchin' Book Blog posts. I started the Bitchin' Book Blog feature as a way to share my WordPress knowledge with the blogosphere! I work as a web designer/developer so I know a lot about coding and WordPress, but I know coding is overwhelming to a lot of people so I really wanted to get some tips and tricks out there! I encourage people to submit their questions about blogging/coding/WordPress, and then I try to answer as many as I can in blog posts.

After a while, I decided to create the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin. I had already been utilizing most of the features on my own blog (automatically updating review indexes, easy ways for displaying book info, etc.), but I figured that surely other people would be interested in them too! So I got to work on developing the plugin to help make other bloggers' lives easier! Now about 150 bloggers are using it, which is just INCREDIBLE and more than I ever dreamed of!

Since then, I've been helping tons of bloggers move to WordPress, fix kinks in their blog, or just answer general blogging/coding questions on Twitter. I love that I'm able to combine all of my passions (books, blogging, coding) into my blog!

  • Unique Pageviews per Month: 23k
  • Followers: 1035 through RSS/e-mail/bloglovin, 1949 on twitter, 575 on facebook
  • I've been blogging for 15 months
There is no doubt in my mind that Ashley (Nose Graze) is the perfect blogger for this award. Her skills in coding, designing, and customizing are extremely helpful in the blogging world. I can’t think of one time she didn’t have an answer to a question I had about blogging. When I created my blog, Ashley was one of the bloggers that walked me through some coding and designing questions that I had. Not only is she available basically all the time on Twitter or elsewhere to help any blogger, but she has a way with explaining things in a simple way that is easy for those of us who aren’t bloggy geniuses to understand! If I ever have questions about the “science” behind blogging – Ashley is my go-to blogging friend!
-- Alyssa Susanna @ The Eater of Books
There are several book bloggers out there who do 'how-to' posts. I read a lot of them, because you never know what you may learn. Ashley is one of those bloggers, and her "Bitchin' Book Blog" posts are informative, easy to read, and extremely helpful. I make it a point to read each and every one of her posts.

I was under the impression that Ashley had been blogging forever. Turns out, she's been at this a little more than a year. I was shocked when I realized that. Everything about her makes her worthy of the title Blogging Fairy. Her reviews rock. Her tips & tricks are great. Her personality is wonderful. Her coding and design skills are mind-blowing to me. She is a dream to work with. Her plugins and themes ROCK!
-- Reanna Szeszol from Phantasmic Reads

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Xpresso ReadsXpresso Reads

I started Xpresso Reads in September 2011 to share my passion for books. My posts consist of reviews, blog tours, and a couple of memes (STS and WoW). I also post Fresh Batch which is a weekly new release post as well as a discussion post called Book Girls Don't Cry which I do with two blogger friends. I'm in awe and honoured that people see me as a Blogging Fairy. Being part of this community is amazing, and often the highlight of my day is talking to my fellow bloggers.

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Rabid Reads

Vampires, Werewolves, and Fairies, Oh My


  • Blog administrators- Wendy, Shonna and LT 
  • Date started- November 06, 2009 
  • Blog Followers (GFC)- 583 
  • Networked Blog Followers- 196 
  • Facebook Page Followers- 2305 
  • Pageviews (07/15/13) -180
  • Pageviews last month- 3026
  • Pageviews all time history- 108824

(About the blog as a whole) These three girls (Wendy, Shonna and LaTonia) do a lot of work on the blog called Vampires, Werevolves and Fairies: Oh My! The blog itself is very ascetically pleasing to the eye with pictures, a list of great books to read, and impartial reviews. And many authors stop by to answer questions and tell about already released books and upcoming releases. I read a lot of blogs and these girls have one of the best. It's very professional and always very informative. I love hanging out there.
Terena Martin (friend & follower)
(For Wendy, who does the majority of the designing for the blog) I consider her a blogging fairy because she reviews all kinds of books. She is not just reviewing books that she normally reads either. Wendy will read all kinds of books and then she will post her review on the site. Her reviews are always great. She seems to find just the right thing from the books to capture people's attention in the review to make them want to read it. She also keeps tracks of upcoming book releases also on the site. She is a jack of all trades.
Sandy (Friend & Follower)
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Remember, voting will last a week until August 7, 11:59 PM EST. Please only vote once, do not cheat, and good luck to all!

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